Added two new bot sourcecodes to my bot sourcecode section

31 01 2010

Hello again all.

I just added two new sourcecodes to my bot sourcecode section on this blog.

I added YaBot Version 0.4.5 and z3r0xb0t Version 1.0.0 base (which was coded by me)

Both are c++ bots and are ready to compile after a little bit of configuration.

NOTE: z3r0xb0t is an IRC bot coded in visual c++ 2008 and should be compiled there, this will not compile in 6.0

Bot sourcecode section link:

RC4 encryption code snippet in VB5/VB6, C#, C++

26 01 2010

Hello again all.
In this post I thought I would include something many people ask me.

RC4 encryption in different languages.

Below is the code for RC4 encryption in VB.NET, C#, and c++ (written in visual c++)
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