SQLmap video tutorial and SQL injection prevention

20 10 2009

Hi all,

I just finished a small video tutorial on using SQLmap to test your web application for SQL injection and automaticly inject it.

It also shortly goes over preventing SQL injection on your website.

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Just an update, some interesting stuff, fuzzing, SQL injection, twitter clients, …

18 10 2009

Hi again all,

This is a post about SQL injection, and a twitter client I like to use for those that like twitter.

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Experiences with Backtrack 4 pre-final and SQL injection tools

16 10 2009

Hello, this is my first post on this blog, or on any blog ever. But I decided that maybe I could contribute to the world through blogs what the blogs contributed to me.

So to start off, I have been giving backtrack 4 pre-final a spin. Very good, especially the fact it’s running on Ubuntu’s kernel, and also makes use of the package manager, ….

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