SQLmap video tutorial and SQL injection prevention

20 10 2009

Hi all,

I just finished a small video tutorial on using SQLmap to test your web application for SQL injection and automaticly inject it.

It also shortly goes over preventing SQL injection on your website.

to see the video click here

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2 responses

27 11 2010

Hi, nice video.

I would like to reproduce the demo but i am having some problems.
Could you pls also post the HTML and PHP code for the demo?


28 11 2010

I no longer have it but just google how to insert data into a mysql database. also google how to create an html form.

It should be really quick and easy!

Also I do believe that every hacker should have a knowledge of the subject that you are hacking, it always helps a lot so if you’re hacking into PHP/MySQL you should be able to understand and write PHP/MySQL yourself.


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