Experiences with Backtrack 4 pre-final and SQL injection tools

16 10 2009

Hello, this is my first post on this blog, or on any blog ever. But I decided that maybe I could contribute to the world through blogs what the blogs contributed to me.

So to start off, I have been giving backtrack 4 pre-final a spin. Very good, especially the fact it’s running on Ubuntu’s kernel, and also makes use of the package manager, ….

Very easy to work with persistent liveCD (or in my case, USB) though I MUST admit that, it does have the tendency to lag a lot from time to time for no apparent reason (even when no windows are open or processes are running)

Might this have to do with the fact it’s on a USB? I would guess so, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s persistent, so yay.

As a second point, i have been giving a go at some SQL injection tools, i tried many, which did not feed my urges, but a combination that seems to work for me is using mini mySQLat0r for crawling every page and quickly identifying exploitable pages and urls, and then using SQLmap to go ahead and exploit them.

Even though i’m still learning working with SQLmap, it’s going steady!

For downloads of these tools, and other updates on tools and exploits, and other interesting things I post as I go along, refer to my twitter account which also includes download links to the tools I use: my twitter (Raykoid666)




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6 07 2010
sql injection

nice info thx

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